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We Buy Atlanta Houses Fast and for Cash

It is a big deal to sell your house. The process can end up feeling so overwhelming and stressful. Expensive too! We are here to offer you a different way to sell your house. You won’t need to deal with the typical rigamarole that can come with selling., We are able to make you a direct cash offer. You can skip spending tons of time waiting on offers. Hoping that you’ll find a buyer. And dealing with endless open houses. Are you ready to get started? We are!

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We work with people every week who need to sell their house fast.

We help people dealing with all sorts of things. Yes, no matter if you are facing foreclosure, dealing with divorce, or need to move for your busy career, we can help you out. We can also work with those who have a long-abandoned house that they are tired of fussing with. Landlords sick of working with their tenants come to us for help too. We even work with people who want to sell no longer-needed property so that they can finally retire, as well as people who lost their job and now need to figure out how to balance their bills. We know that life can throw a lot at you. We are here to help you through it.

We think everyone deserves excellent treatment when selling their house. Check out what we are ready to offer you below:

  • Upfront and honest communication.
  • A quick solution that puts cash in your pocket almost right away.
  • An end to the stress of annoyance of dealing with selling your house.
  • An avenue for exploring all of your bestselling options.

We are here to provide you with all of those things.

If you want to sell your Atlanta house, getting started is simple.
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So Who Are We?

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Nance Properties, LLC is an Atlanta-based company that acquires distressed properties through cash offers and creative finance. We work will a wide range of sellers to find the best offer package that creates a win/win scenario. Our process is simple and transparent. We aim to take all of the headaches off of the seller and provide a smooth path to closing so that the seller can focus on what’s important in their life, instead of a headache property.

We buy houses right here in Atlanta and nearby cities and towns too. We are from your area, so your cash offer or listing services will be informed by actual area conditions. No matter your situation, we have a fast solution to get you out of it.

Because we are investors AND licensed agents, we can help you sell your GA house in various ways. We are professional house buyers, so we can make you a fast cash offer. We are able to get you to the closing table as quickly as possible too. Our cash offers come with zero pressure ever, too. We want to give you plenty of time and space to think about our offer and decide whether to take it or not. Many people have enjoyed our offers and listing services. Check them out for yourself! We’d love to hear from you.

Simply put, no matter how you’d like to sell your house, we have got you covered with a cash offer. Let’s get started today!

Can I stop or avoid foreclosure by selling my house?

Typically, yes, you can avoid and stop foreclosure in its tracks by selling your house. Selling your house can even help to save your credit score! Consider our free report, How To Stop Foreclosure, for further information.

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